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  • April Dunford

    April Dunford

    CEO at Sprintly

  • Avanish Sahai

    Avanish Sahai

    SVP of Alliances & Channels at

  • Eric Santos

    Eric Santos

    CEO at Resultados Digitais

  • Lincoln Murphy

    Lincoln Murphy

    Customer Success Architect at Storm Ventures

  • Deli Matsuo

    Deli Matsuo

    CEO at Appus

  • Matt Doyon

    Matt Doyon

    VP of Sales at Rock Content

  • Alessio Alionco

    Alessio Alionco

    CEO at Pipefy

  • Mayra Pacheco

    Mayra Pacheco

    Product Manager at Zendesk


  • Patrick Arippol

    Patrick Arippol

    Managing Director at DGF Investimentos

  • Anderson Thees

    Anderson Thees

    Managing Director at Redpoint

  • Edson Rigonatti

    Edson Rigonatti

    Managing Director at Astella

  • Pedro Figoli

    Pedro Figoli

    CEO at Geofusion

  • Leonardo Rangel

    Leonardo Rangel

    CEO at Cortex Intelligence

  • Gabriel Drummond

    Gabriel Drummond

    CEO at Intelipost

  • Chau Sahn

    Chau Sahn

    CEO at ERA

  • Lucas Nazário

    Lucas Nazário

    CEO at Knewin

  • Fabiana Salles

    Fabiana Salles

    CEO at GST - Gesto Saúde e Tecnologia

  • Piero Contezini

    Piero Contezini

    CEO at ASAAS

  • Sanjay Agarwal

    Sanjay Agarwal

    CEO at Fielo

  • Tiago Brandes

    Tiago Brandes

    CEO at Meus Pedidos

  • Nicholas Reise

    Nicholas Reise

    CEO at Xerpa

  • Tiago Dalvi

    Tiago Dalvi

    CEO at Olist

  • Tiago Vailati

    Tiago Vailati

    CEO at Hiper

  • Luiz Henrique Bonatti

    Luiz Henrique Bonatti

    CEO at Segware

  • Diego Wagner

    Diego Wagner

    CEO at Meetime

  • Thoran Rodrigues

    Thoran Rodrigues

    CEO at BigData Corp

  • Antônio Inocêncio

    Antônio Inocêncio

    CEO at Nazar

  • Gabriel Baños

    Gabriel Baños

    CEO at Flowics

  • Bruno Felix

    Bruno Felix

    Co-founder at RankMyApp

  • Salvatore Bruno

    Salvatore Bruno

    CEO at Kurier

  • Gabriel Gaspar

    Gabriel Gaspar

    CEO at Nibo

  • Luis Novo

    Luis Novo

    CEO at Skore

  • Ivan Biava

    Ivan Biava

    CEO at Conpass

  • Erick Sasse

    Erick Sasse

    CEO at Monde Sistemas

  • Fernando Steler

    Fernando Steler

    CEO at Direct One

  • Rodrigo Leão

    Rodrigo Leão

    CEO at Trade Force

  • Roberto Fernandino

    Roberto Fernandino

    CEO at SVA

  • Albert Deweik

    Albert Deweik

    CEO at NeoAssist

  • Marcelo Furtado

    Marcelo Furtado

    CEO at Convenia

  • Rodrigo Scotti

    Rodrigo Scotti

    CEO at Nama

  • Flávio Ribeiro

    Flávio Ribeiro

    CEO at NetLex

  • Marcel Lotufo

    Marcel Lotufo

    CEO at Kenoby

  • Ricardo Josua

    Ricardo Josua

    CEO at Pismo

  • Vitor Torres

    Vitor Torres

    CEO at Contabilizei

  • Armindo Mota Junior

    Armindo Mota Junior

    CEO at Wappa

  • Yannick Rault

    Yannick Rault

    CEO at Import Sheet

  • Ronaldo Palermo

    Ronaldo Palermo

    Managing Director at IDXP Analytics

  • Thiago Oliveira

    Thiago Oliveira

    Head of Sales and Customer Success at

  • Renato Valente

    Renato Valente

    Telefonica Open Future Country Manager

  • Jose Papo

    Jose Papo

    Startup and Developer Relations

  • Francisco Jardim

    Francisco Jardim

    Managing Director at SP Ventures

  • Patrick Cannell

    Patrick Cannell

    Managing Director at Performa

  • Marcelo Amorim

    Marcelo Amorim

    Managing Director at BZ Plan

  • Paulo Caputo

    Paulo Caputo

    Managing Director at Oria Capital

  • Frederico Mesnik

    Frederico Mesnik

    Managing Director at Porto Capital

  • Andre Ghignatti

    Andre Ghignatti

    Managing Director at WOW Aceleradora

Core concepts to be explored

  • Product Management - How to compete with international players
  • Enterprise SaaS - "High touch" efficient sales machine
  • SMB SaaS - "Low touch" efficient sales machine
  • Customer Success - How to increase revenue and retention
  • Customer Acquisition - Metrics and best practices
  • International Expansion - Building global companies from Brazil
  • Human Capital - Hiring and building an "A" team in SaaS
  • Global SaaS Trends - New market norms, multiples and exits

Event schedule

  • 09:00am - 10:00am
  • Registration and Welcome Coffee

  • 10:00am - 10:10am
  • Event Opening

    Patrick Arippol, Managing Director of Venture Capital at DGF Investimentos

  • 10:10am - 10:45am
  • Going Global and Competing Worldwide

    Alessio Alionco, CEO at Pipefy

  • 10:45am - 11:20pm
  • Who is who in Brazil's SaaS Community?


  • 11:20am - 11:50am
  • Coffee & Networking

  • 11:50am - 12:25pm
  • World Class Product Management

    Mayra Pacheco, Product Manager at Zendesk

  • 12:25pm - 13:00pm
  • Fanatical Customer Success

    Lincoln Murphy, Customer Success Architect at Storm Ventures​; Eric Santos, CEO at Resultados Digitais

  • 10:45am - 11:20pm
  • Who is who in Brazil's SaaS Community?


  • 13:00pm - 14:30pm
  • Lunch & Networking

  • 14:30pm - 15:05pm
  • Building Effective High Touch Sales Machine

    Avanish Sahai, SVP of Alliances & Channels at

  • 15:05pm - 15:40pm
  • Building Effective Low Touch Sales Machine

    Matt Doyon, VP of Sales at Rock Content

  • 15:40pm - 16:15pm
  • Hiring and Building an 'A' Team

    Deli Matsuo, CEO at Appus

  • 16:15pm - 16:45pm
  • Coffee & Networking

  • 16:45pm - 17:20pm
  • Global Trends and New Norms in SaaS

    Brian Dunlap, VP at TPG Capital

  • 17:20pm - 17:55pm
  • World Class Product Marketing

    April Dunford, CEO at Sprintly

  • 17:55pm - 19:00pm
  • Cocktail & Networking



  • Tomasz Tunguz

    Tomasz Tunguz

    Partner & SaaS Specialist

  • Ragnar Sass

    Ragnar Sass

    Co-founder & President at Pipedrive

  • Samir Patel

    Samir Patel

    Growth & Distribution Hacker

  • Pascoal Baldasso

    Pascoal Baldasso

    Co-founder & CEO of ADTsys

  • Mariano De Beer

    Mariano De Beer

    President at Microsoft Brazil

  • Flavio Jansen

    Flavio Jansen

    CEO at Locaweb

  • Marilia Rocca

    Marilia Rocca

    VP of Platforms ad Cloud

  • Patrick Arippol

    Patrick Arippol

    Managing Director at DGF

  • Anderson Thees

    Anderson Thees

    Managing Director at Redpoint

  • Edson Rigonatti

    Edson Rigonatti

    Partner at Astella Investimentos

  • Carlos Kokron

    Carlos Kokron

    Managing Director at Qualcomm

  • Jeff Brody

    Jeff Brody

    Partner at Redpoint Ventures

  • Eric Acher

    Eric Acher

    Managing Director at Monashees

  • Veronica Serra

    Veronica Serra

    Founding Partner at Pacific

  • Hernan Kazah

    Hernan Kazah

    Co-founder & Managing Partner

  • Andrew Tsao

    Andrew Tsao

    Managing Director at Silicon Valley

  • Kristen Durham

    Kristen Durham

    Director, Latin America at Silicon Valley

  • Nicholas Reise

    Nicholas Reise

    Redpoint Ventures

  • Joaquim Lima

    Joaquim Lima

    Principal at Riverwood Capital

  • Eric Santos

    Eric Santos

    CEO at Resultados Digitais

  • Gabriel Benarros

    Gabriel Benarros

    CEO at Ingresse

  • Jose Papo

    Jose Papo

    Developer and Startup Relations

  • Leonardo Campelo

    Leonardo Campelo

    CEO at Concil

  • Pedro Figoli

    Pedro Figoli

    CEO at Geofusion

  • Leonardo Rangel

    Leonardo Rangel

    CEO & Head of Product Cortex

  • Antonio Carlos Soares

    Antonio Carlos Soares

    Co-founder at

  • Antônio Inocêncio

    Antônio Inocêncio

    Co-founder at Nazar

  • Dagoberto Hajjar

    Dagoberto Hajjar

    CEO at Advance Consulting

  • Gaston Lejtman

    Gaston Lejtman

    COO & Founder at GOintegro

  • Gustavo Avelar

    Gustavo Avelar

    Partner at Neemu

  • Luiz Henrique De Oliveira

    Luiz Henrique De Oliveira

  • Rodrigo Azevedo

    Rodrigo Azevedo

    CEO at Comunique-se/RIWeb

  • Lauro De Lauro

    Lauro De Lauro

  • Sanjay Agarwal

    Sanjay Agarwal

    CEO at Fielo

  • Jander Martins

    Jander Martins

    Co-founder at TaxWerb

Event schedule

  • 09:00am
  • Registration and Welcome Coffee

  • 10:00am
  • Event Opening

    Patrick Arippol (DGF)

  • 10:10am
  • Session 1 - Inorganic Growth & Exits

    Panelists: Jander Martins (MasterSaf), Antônio Carlos Soares (, Flávio Jansen (Locaweb) - Moderator: Anderson Thees (Redpoint)

  • 10:45am
  • Session 2 - Brazil vs Global SaaS: Key Comparisons & Contrasts

    Panelists: Kristen Durham (SVB), Ragnar Sass (PipeDrive), Sanjay Agarwal (Fielo), Gustavo Zaiantchick (Scup) - Moderator: Edson Rigonatti (Astella)

  • 11:20am
  • Coffee Break

  • 11:50am
  • Session 3 - Who's who in Brazil's SaaS


  • 12:10pm
  • Session 4 - SaaS Customer Acquisition through Field Sales

    Panelist: Paulo Iudicibus (Microsoft) - Moderator: Paulo Caputo (DLM)

  • 12:45pm
  • Lunch

  • 01:45pm
  • Session 5 - SaaS Customer Acquisition through Inside Sales

    Keynote: Eric Santos (Resultados Digitais) - Main “cold call” targets in audience: Ragnar Sass (PipeDrive)

  • 02:20pm
  • Session 6 - SaaS Customer Acquisition through Channels

    Panelists: Dagoberto Hajjar (Advance Consulting), Israel Geraldi (Softway) - Moderator: Patrick Arippol (DGF)

  • 02:55pm
  • Coffee & Networking

  • 03:25pm
  • Session 7 - SaaS Customer Acquisition through Digital Marketing / Growth Hacking

    Keynote: Samir Patel (Growth & Distribution Hacker), José Papo (Google) - Moderator: Eric Acher (Monashees Capital)

  • 04:00pm
  • Session 8 - New Cloud Infrastructure Technologies - Trends and Opportunities for SaaS Companies

    Panelists: Pascoal Baldasso (ADTsys), André Echeverria (LATAM Microsoft) - Moderator: Joaquim Lima (Riverwood)

  • 04:35pm
  • Session 9 - Global Trends and Metrics in SaaS

    Keynote: Thomasz Tunguz (Redpoint)

  • 05:10pm
  • Cocktail & Networking