Fostering exchanges among thriving SaaS founders

What to expect

  • Fuel information and experience exchange amongst key players

  • Identify key areas for follow up; become industry reference

  • Highlight conceptual gaps between Brazil and Silicon Valley SaaS and identify opportunities for “tropicalization” – metrics, scalability, benchmarks, team building and others

  • Gather the top local industry players: entrepreneurs, gurus, VCs and traditional companies now focusing on SaaS, with a bias towards quality vs. quantity of participants

Interact intimately with the future leaders of the thriving SaaS industry of 2020

The event expects to host 120 CEOs of top SaaS companies, 20 Managing Directors of top VCs investing in SaaS and 10 Presidents/CEOs of large Software Companies in Brazil

Come discuss best practices with global SaaS gurus and the top Brazil SaaS CEOs


Please notice the event is invitation-only.

Only invited names will be allowed on the event day

October 17 08:30am to 07:00pm

​CentroSul Centro de Convenções de Florianópolis

Av. Governador Gustavo Richard, 850

Florianópolis - SC